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Generally, endorsements will provide additional coverage for matters
which would ordinarily be excluded by the Exclusions From Coverage, or excepted from coverage shown in Schedule B of the policy either by the regional general exceptions, if applicable, or by specific exceptions. A majority of the endorsements are not general in nature, but are specific as to items for which the insured desires coverage. Some are specifically designed for owner’s policies and others for loan policies. Some endorsements are not available in all circumstances.

The issuance of any endorsement is conditioned upon the circumstances surrounding the property involved, and upon the fulfillment of the underwriting criteria established by Ticor Title Insurance Company is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy to which they are attached. The following descriptions do not define the complete coverage of the endorsements, which can only be determined by reading the same. This list is provided as a convenience in located the endorsement which may fit a particular set of facts. This list does not include all endorsements that may be filed in California, but rather includes the standard ALTA endorsements.

**The content of this Endorsement Guide is for information only. It should not be relied upon for legal advice or any other purpose. The endorsements presented herein are subject to underwriting and other requirements of Ticor Title, and may not be available in all states or for all transactions. Please contact your local Ticor Title sales executive with any questions you may have**

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